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Having a 180 years oldness, this is one of the main recreation places of Cluj-Napoca, situated on the bank of Somesul Mic.

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The Central Square of the Old Fortress ("Óvár"), later also known as the Small Square, as opposed to the Large Square built around St Michael's Church, was the center of the medieval town. We still encounter relics of the old Roman town, brought to light by the archeologists.

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The Tailors' Tower (Baba Novac Street / Stefan cel Mare Square) is part of the second fortified precinct of the walls system and of the fortifications of the city, built in the first half of 15th century and continued until the 17th century. It was built on the South-Eastern corner of the city defense wall, after 1405, following the privileges keyed by King Sigismund of Luxemburg. The first confirmed documents date 1457, from the time of King Matia Corvin.

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The Reformed Church, on Strada Lupului (the Wolf Street), is a late gothic historical monument of religious architecture. The church was built in many stages, as a monastery for the Minorite – Franciscan monks, promted and suported by king Matia Corvinul, begining with the second half of the 15th century.


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The Roman Catholic "Saint Michael" Church (Unirii Square), a great historical and religious architecture monument is one of the most imposing gothic edifice from our country. It was built approximately between 1350 and 1480, being the first hall church from Transylvania.


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The Matthias Corvinus House (or Mehffy House) is a cityish builing in gothic style from the 15th century (today, Art and Design University of Cluj Napoca). In this house, which was the city's inn in past, was born on 23rd of February 1443 Matia Corvin, the son of the vaivode of Transylvania, John Hunyadi (Ioan de Hunedoara).

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The Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral (Avram Iancu Square) – Romanian Orthodox Mitropoly of Cluj, Alba, Crisana, Maramures. Archiepiscopate of Vad, Feleac and Cluj (18 Avram Iancu Square).
It was built between 1923-1933, according to the plans of the architects Constantin Pompoiu and George Cristinel, representing the Romanian stylistic current. It is one of the most important religious buildings from Cluj Napoca municipality.


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„Alexandru Borza" Botanical Garden (42 Republicii Street) – Being a national museum, the garden was founded in 1872, having an initial surface of 4.3 ha. Thanks to prof. A. Richter, the surface has reached 9.6 ha.

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