The people of Cluj have access to film productions of various genres.
Cluj-Napoca is the city of moviegoers; the city is organizing two major film festivals annually.
Thematic weeks are organized here: Romanian film week, European film week, "auteur" [artfilm] or generic movie cycles.

"For students we can make projections at the request of teachers both of educational movies and as a reward for good performances in school. We want to promote the idea to bring to the cinema those who have no absences and have good performances in school and in order to make this reward something really wanted by young people we will try to bring the best movies as soon as possible. "
The cinema is a modern one: it is addressed to the whole community: here there will be broadcasted even 3D movies.
Besides movies, here will be also organized events for community: debates, photo and painting exhibitions, book launches.
The municipality intends to make the cinema centre of the district a meeting place for the community.
The Roman stone building
The Roman stone building (Deleu Victor Street / I. L. Caragiale Park) with many rooms, some heated with hypocaustum, underwent four construction phases corresponding to city development to the rank of municipium and then colony. A hoard of silver (1268 dinars) stored in a clay pot with lid (first century BC – third century AD) was found here.

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