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British Council has opened a branch in Romania since 1938. Actually, Bucharest was one of the first five cities in the world in opening a branch of the British Council, along with Athens, Alexandria,Cairo and Lisbon.

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The French Cultural Center represents an institution of the French Embassy in Romania. In Cluj-Napoca, the center opened its gates in 1991.
The center organizes courses of French, as well as cultural programs.


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{gallery}arta_si_cultura/CentreCulturale/Fabricadepensule/centrulculturalgerman/{/gallery} The German Cultural Center of Cluj-Napoca was created under the auspice of the Romanian-German Cultural Society, which has the purpose to promote cultural exchanges between Romania and Germany.

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The Italian Cultural Center was opened in 2002, is based on the cooperation between the “Babes-Bolyai” University and the Embassy of Italy at Bucharest, and contains a library (mostly with books of literature, art, history, geography, culture and civilization, a collection of Italian periodicals and multimedia materials), a video library, Internet access, conference-room, rooms for learning Italian and debates, as well as facilities for other activities.

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The Center of Japanese Art and Culture is a private institution in the city of Cluj-Napoca which carries out activities with the purpose of promoting the Japanese culture. The main concern of this center is to create and maintain a connection between the Romanian and Japanese culture by establishing a community of people who love the Japanese culture, regardless of their area of interest.

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00006170 largeNo. 1-3 Avram Iancu Square
Phone: 0264-590.563
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: http://www.clujarm.ro





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The Brush Factory is a place of creation and promotion of the modern-day art, working as an independent cultural center.

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As an artistic institution dedicated exclusively to concerts, the Philharmonic of Cluj was founded through an official decree given by the Council of Ministers from Romania in the autumn of 1955, officially called: “The State Philharmonic Hall of Cluj”.

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