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The Mint House (4, Emile Zola Street)

In Cluj functioned, starting with 1527, a House of Mint (Domus cementaria et auricusoria), where the coins of the princedom were made. The Mint from Cluj was established by Ioan Zapolya (1487-1540), the ruler of Transilvania and, later, King of Hungary. The Mint is located beside Franciscan Church, on the East side of the Old Fortress and it was leased for a long time by Filstich family. Precious metals were operated in the city, in a princely larder, which functioned as treasury. In the 16th century, the city of Cluj developed in urban and architectural style. The presence in Cluj of the prince and their sojourn for a long time attracted dealerships, artisans, artists who contributed to the city economy, already prosperous. Thus, stone bridges were built across Somes River (1573, 1585) and water pipes were made to bring drinkable water in the city.

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