With an elevation of 405 metres above the sea level, the Fortress Hill appears as a plateau on which a Vauban style fortification was built by the Austrians, in the 18th century, with walls, bastions and a redoubt. The fortification accommodated administrative buildings, the garrison and the armory and was meant to control the city. During the 1848 Revolution functioned as a prison. It is here that the well-known Saxon humanist and fighter of the Revolution, Stephan Ludwig Roth, was imprisoned and executed. The remains of the old fortification consist in some parts of the walls and some buildings, while the redoubt was transformed into the Tower of Parachutists.

The recent history specifies the construction of the Belvedere Hotel atop the Fortress Hill, a big and modern building. The Fortress Hill offers a superb panorama of the city. Here is located a cross (by architect Virgil Salvanu) that reminds of the martyrs of 1848 Revolution. The Cross on The Fortress Hill was placed here in 1995, in order to replace the one demolished in 1950 by the communist authorities.


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