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Lupa Capitolina (Eroilor Boulevard, pedestrian area)
It is a staunch copy of Lupa Capitolina from Rome and it was given in 1921 by the municipality of Rome to the town of Cluj as a symbol of the Romania's Latinity. A bas-relief (by sculptor Ettore Ferrari 1849-1930) was added to the monument, representing the Emperor Traian, and the inscription ALLA CITTÀ DI CLVJ, ROMA MADRE, MCMXXI.

The statue was unveiled on September 28th, 1921 by the Mayor Iulian Pop, after the Romanian administration was established.

In 2006, after the beginning of the rearrangements of Eroilor Boulevard, the statue was transferred to The National History Museum of Transylvania.
The statue was relocated on the pedestrian area from Eroilor Boulevard on November 28th, 2008.

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